I have been a bit of a rambler all my life and like to get out in the open air and walk for miles. But years of hiking and walking in tight fell boots with thick socks began to take its toll on my feet. I developed calluses, on both feet, and when it was time to put the walking boots away for the summer and get out my sandals, I found I was embarrassed about the unsightly calluses on the end of my toes.


Calluses are small but toughened areas of skin that have developed from constant friction or pressure and are usually a common feature among athletes, sportsmen and women and walkers. Although my doctor told me that my calluses are not harmful, he did say that they could easily become infected and there is of course the unsightly and embarrassing part about me walking on the beach or the promenade while worrying about the unsightly nature of my feet.


As well as the unsightly nature of the calluses on my feet, there was another problem I had to contend with; the pain my feet began enduring. I was limited to walking only short distances of less than a mile as anything more than this was causing me too much pain, agony and discomfort. This was really bad for me as I loved my walking and even when on holiday in the summer, nothing beats a long walk around the shops, arcades, and cliff top paths.


At the end of each day I would soak my feet in a bowl of warm, soapy water and try to make them feel relaxed. This helped to prevent the risk of infection but the damn calluses never really went away. The next day as soon as I put my sandals of light summer shoes on and took a few short steps, I could feel the pain beginning all over again and thought these calluses are not going to go away.


Eventually after a long walk on the promenade I sat down and told the proprietor of a cafe my problem, after having embarrassingly hobbled in looking clearly as though I was in great discomfort. She told me of a product called Callus Clear and how it worked a dream for her years back when she had a similar problem. I tried Callus Clear product and in under 2 weeks my problem had completely vanished. I was truly glad to meet the café owner that day and stumble upon that piece of advice.


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